Lease a Jeans

Lease a Jeans? Mud Jeans, a Dutch fashion label with beautiful clothes and ideals, makes it possible!

Mud Jeans introduces Lease a Jeans, an innovative fashion concept that makes fashion not only affordable, but from now on also sustainable. For a fixed, low amount, Mud Jeans makes it possible for everyone to lease carefree and sustainable jeans. The Dutch fashion label has serious ideals: sustainable products based on organic raw materials, fair trade and good labour conditions for the people who create and recycling where possible. The jeans are made from organic and recycled cotton and is 100% produced responsibly. As a result, sustainable fashion is affordable for everyone.

The design is already taken into account that the jeans are fully recyclable. If the bearer returned a Mud Jeans, the manufacturer makes from this one another new jeans. Mud Jeans makes from the organic cotton jeans new jeans, whereby much less cotton is needed. Mud Jeans adapt with Lease a Jeans to the increasing scarcity of resources. Mud Jeans is a driver for the circular economy, based on reuse of raw materials. The ‘Lease a Jeans’ concept fits into the current trend in which the use of products is more important than actually owning it.





Mud Jeans Display Lease a Jeans

Check out more about Mud Jeans:


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